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  • Three News Stations That Seattle Locals Love

    Any local will tell you that knowing the weather, the traffic, and breaking news can have a huge impact on how easy or difficult it is to get through your day in a big city. But if you need Seattle breaking news, which Seattle news stations should you turn to? Here is a brief guide, […]

  • Tacoma Schools Warn about Potential Kidnappings? Four News Updates

    Did you know that the Seattle based company we see on every corner, Starbucks, has recently declared that guns are unwelcome in their business locations, although not banned? If you are looking for the latest local news, Channel 13, Channel 7, and Channel 5 News Seattle are all good options. These news stations have both […]

  • Seattle Stays Informed with Channel 7 News

    Did you know that Seattle is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest? As of 2012, it is estimated that there were 634,535 residents. Whether you are a local Seattleite, which is the actual nickname for local residents, or just visiting, Seattle has much to offer in sports, culture, shopping, and more. Of course you […]

  • A Few Ideas on Getting the Scoop

    The people of Seattle know the importance of being involved in their community. From the local politics of a major metropolitan area to the professional sports scene, there is a lot to know and keep up with in The Emerald City. That means there needs to be an even balance of information gathered and information […]

  • Seattle News Stations, On Air and Online

    If you are interested in watching a Seattle News station, there are multiple stations to choose from. Each station also has an online site. It is important for News sites to be accommodating to the needs of viewers both on the air and online. Here is a quick review of the Seattle News stations 13, […]

  • Channel 7 News Seattle Offers Many Different Kinds of Information

    In the past, Americans learned about noteworthy events through a variety of mediums of communication. In colonial America, people gathered around the town crier, who shouted and sometimes ranted about noteworthy events at the top of his lungs. After the town crier proved to be incredibly aggravating to everybody whose ears still worked, these towns […]

  • The Leading Local News in Seattle

    The next time you find yourself with five extra minutes on your hands, take a few moments and flip through your cable channels. At the same time, make a mental note of all of the news channels that you come across. It is likely that you will find a couple dozen news channels and programs […]

  • Accurate Channel 7 Seattle News Broadcasts

    Residents of Seattle seeking local or global information will likely turn to one of the many Seattle news stations to get it. Because there are various outlets to obtain the news, it is encouraged that you find the leading ones that deliver the most accurate and up to date stories for best results. Everyone in […]

  • If You Want To Find Seattle News Channels, You Should Read This Information

    If you are looking to find the best Seattle news channels, you should know that they are always available when you are ready to watch your TV. Whether you are watching channel 13 news Seattle or channel 7 news Seattle, you can always be certain that you will get some of the best news stories […]

  • When Needing Breaking News Seattle Stations Save The Day

    For the best breaking news Seattle has available, you have lots of good options. But when you really think about it, who covers the news and sports the best in the entire market? Usually the answer is either Channel 13 News Seattle, Channel 5 News Seattle or Channel 7 News Seattle. These three stations usually […]