Channel 7 News Seattle Offers Many Different Kinds of Information

In the past, Americans learned about noteworthy events through a variety of mediums of communication. In colonial America, people gathered around the town crier, who shouted and sometimes ranted about noteworthy events at the top of his lungs. After the town crier proved to be incredibly aggravating to everybody whose ears still worked, these towns replaced him with a primitive bulletin board (often located on the town square) on which individuals could post notes which described recent developments. Many of these towns started to publish monthly, weekly, or even daily newspapers which described these recent events; furthermore, many of these newspapers proved to be an ideal forum for short argumentative essays, popular recipes, cartoons, weather reports, and other items that people wanted to read. Later, some of these items proved so popular among readers that the newspapers which published them started to circulate beyond the towns and the cities in which the writers lived; they started to spread to the surrounding cities, towns, and even states.

Everything changed again in the early twentieth century when several inventors created the radio. Now Americans no longer needed to set aside an hour or two to read a newspaper or to purchase costly subscriptions to these newspapers. Instead, these Americans could simply turn on their radio sets and hear silky voiced commentators report on recent developments; they could listen to angry political science specialists rant and rave about political decisions; they even could listen to these specialists argue and debate with each other; they could hear weather reports which were more reliable than those that appeared in the newspaper.

Everything changed yet again when televisions entered American homes in the early 1950s. Suddenly, Americans stopped listening to radio news programs and started to watch televised news programs such as channel 7 news Seattle WA, channel 13 news Seattle WA, channel 5 news Seattle, Breaking News Seattle WA, and Weather Channel Seattle WA. These Seattle news stations, including channel 7 news Seattle, expanded upon and refined the developments which radio news programs had introduced in the 1920s and 1930s. For example, channel 7 news Seattle WA not only told its viewers about recent developments; channel 7 news Seattle also showed its viewers filmed images and video clips which illustrated the spoken commentary. Channel 7 news Seattle WA also hired dozens of political scientists who took great pleasure analyzing recent political developments; these channel 7 news Seattle WA also paired these political scientists with and pitted them against one another; managers at channel 7 news Seattle WA believed that debates were more engaging when viewers could visually witness the debaters. Furthermore, television news programs like those offered by channel 7 news Seattle improved the reporting on the weather by showing visual maps which illustrated the weather person’s commentary; these managers at channel 7 news Seattle believed that it is easier to understand the weather with these visual aids.

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