Three News Stations That Seattle Locals Love

Seattle news channels

Any local will tell you that knowing the weather, the traffic, and breaking news can have a huge impact on how easy or difficult it is to get through your day in a big city. But if you need Seattle breaking news, which Seattle news stations should you turn to? Here is a brief guide, and also what makes each news station unique from the others.

  • Channel 13 News Seattle
  • Channel 13 news Seattle has one of the most unique news websites out there in terms of layout. Pinterest users will find their site extremely easy to navigate, as will anyone that prefers to choose their headlines based on accompanying pictures. If the images put you into information overload, then just scroll to the bottom and filter by topic, or search for the information that you need. You can also enjoy their content through a social media lens with their Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus profiles.

  • Channel 5 news Seattle
  • The Neighborhood News and local news blogs are a defining feature of the channel 5 website. For anyone looking to also learn more about what is happening in the greater Seattle area, right from community sources, then be sure to check out the website links on Neighborhood News. The blogs focus on everything from sports, to green innovations, to city development. If you are looking for hyper-local news in the Seattle area, then this is the website for you.

  • Channel 7 news Seattle
  • KIRO offers extensive weather channel Seattle coverage on their website. They share a 5-day forecast, live radar, Doppler, forecast videos, interactive and future radars as well. With their interactive radar you can choose to display “storm cells” on the map, which will tell you where there are reports for rain, tornadoes, hail, wind, snow, and more. Their meteorologist has his own Twitter, so you can keep current on the weather updates through that social media as well.

Whether you are a longtime resident, or just visiting, try channel 13 news Seattle, or channels 5 or 7, to get whatever you need out of the local news. Whether it is weather, hyper-local news, or just a new way to browse the latest headlines, Seattle news stations provide plenty of options.

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