Tacoma Schools Warn about Potential Kidnappings? Four News Updates

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Did you know that the Seattle based company we see on every corner, Starbucks, has recently declared that guns are unwelcome in their business locations, although not banned? If you are looking for the latest local news, Channel 13, Channel 7, and Channel 5 News Seattle are all good options. These news stations have both on air live reports, as well as online options. Here are four top local updates for this week.

1. Boy Who Died in School Had a Heart Problem

Last week at Meadowville High School, Matthew Truax abruptly collapsed, and then died, while running on the school’s track during gym class. According to Channel 5 News Seattle, the medical examiner has determined that the boy had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a conditioning that makes it more difficult for the heart to pump out blood.

2. Daycare Owner Accused of Molesting Children

Channel 7 News Seattle reports that a Covington bilingual daycare has been shut down by the state after it turned out that a 40 year old co owner has been accused of molesting two young children that were in his care. According to the court, Jose Luis Pena Maldenado molested two girls in and outside of the daycare. Detectives have said he has admitted guilt. The suspect’s family were shocked, especially considering the daycare had been run out of their shared home.

3. Fishing Vessel on Fire

Firefighting crews responded to a fire on a fishing boat this week at Pier 91. The fire began behind a stove, two decks below the main deck, and at the time there were approximately 25 crew members on board, all of whom were able escape unscathed, according to Channel 13 news Seattle.

4. Schools Alert About Potential Kidnappings

Two Tacoma area schools are warning students and parents to be careful after two reported kidnapping attempts on children walking to and from school, according to Seattle News stations. The first case happened in the morning, when two students were walking to Truman Middle School when a man pulled over and told them to get in. Instead, they ran away. The next day, a 16 year old was a block away from her Monroe High School when a man grabbed her. Luckily, she was able to break away, run, and call 911.

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