Seattle News Stations, On Air and Online

If you are interested in watching a Seattle News station, there are multiple stations to choose from. Each station also has an online site. It is important for News sites to be accommodating to the needs of viewers both on the air and online. Here is a quick review of the Seattle News stations 13, 5, and 7 websites.

First, Channel 13 News Seattle. Channel 13 has a pretty unique layout compared to other News websites. It is very minimalist, with most of the visible page space at top devoted to a single photo spread of featured stories. Although not frequently used, I think this spread is probably very appealing to younger audiences and people using tablet devices. I would recommend, however, having the photos auto rotate. Also unusual is the decision to not have weather information displayed on the site, even though this is one of the top features people use News websites for.

Second, Channel 5 News Seattle is a more traditional layout, featuring multiple tabs at top, an indication of weather in the right hand corner, and links to popular stories also visible in the top. In a way, there is a bit of a trade off between these two sites. Channel 5 Seattle News station is more adept at displaying the information people expect to see from websites, and it is an easy site to navigate. On the other hand, its layout overall is more outdated, with white side panels, a mix of rounded and square corners, and very basic looking headline tabs that are overlaid on colors that do not seem to really go together. For just receiving the News, however, this Seattle News station site performs adequately.

Third, Channel 7 News Seattle has a functional layout that displays weather at the very top, tabs below that for all the relevant categories, and a rotating slideshow of News. Out of all the websites, it is the only one to feature rotating pictures and story headlines, which draws reader attention and makes you feel like you are getting the most recent information.

Strangely though, Channel 7 Seattle News station actually features too much information on the front page. Not only does it give the basic precipitation and temperature forecast, but it also has large icons on the top featuring future radar, five day forecast, video forecast, doppler, and interactive radar. Most people only look for the daily weather updates so these icons would be more appropriate located specifically in the weather tag, so that more relevant news could be displayed on the front.

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