What to Wear? Coated Jeans is Your Simple Answer

Light wash jeans

Jeans. Everyone wears them, all over the world, with the reservation of backwoods type areas of South Asia. Use them for work, play, fashion, partying. Dark wash jeans, colored jeans, midrise jeans, rhinestone jeans, and coated jeans, there are so many different types now. Coated jeans are my favorite, and they are definitely what is in right now, but we will get back to that later. First we will start with some history. Where did jeans come from? What were they originally, since there are an infinite amount of types now? For the most part, jeans have always, and still are, made from cotton (which is probably why they are so uncomfortable on a hot, muggy day).

The word “jeans” originated from Italian Genoan sailors, coined from the French term for these sailors. These first jeans were cotton twill trousers, I would bet that these were more uncomfortable on muggy days than the current jeans are. Then Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss made the first blue jeans in 1873 and patented the riveted jeans on May 20th of that year. These jeans were made for cowboys, but rose in popularity during the 1950s when teenagers started to wear them. You may recognize these teenagers to be called “greasers.”

Now that you know about the history of jeans, I would assume you can guess that cotton is the most widely used clothing fiber. Rise in demand equal rise in price, simple economics. So it may or may not be surprising to know that jeans are marked up around fifty four percent on the average pair in retail stores.

About a year ago I started wearing coated jeans, which are jeans where the fabric is coated in wax to give a shiny look. More and more I have been seeing people wearing these coated jeans. The hipster in me is angry, but the fashionista in me is so happy to see this trend catching on! These are the glitzy jeans any girl would want in her closet. Coated jeans add the glamour to clubbing, every girl wants from the movies. I see Kim Kardashian, Lea Michele, and Rihanna wearing coated jeans all the time and they look absolutely gorgeous in them! Case in point, wear coated jeans while they are popular, you will be guaranteed to be the life of every social occasion. Find more on this here.


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