Tapping and Boring Tools

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Around 1483 one of the earliest machine tools was created. It was a screw cutting lathe which utilized direct mechanical control of the cutting path of the tool. There are two functions that are performed by all machine tools. The first one is constraining the workpiece, or holding it down into place. The second is providing guided movement of the machine parts. An important type of machining tool is a tapping tool. There are many different types of tapping tools available.

Some types of tapping tools available are the spiral point, the spiral flute, and the fluteless. Each of these types of tapping tools are for machine use and can be purchased through machine tool manufacturers. A spiral point is ideal for tapping through holes or blind holes in which there is enough space past the threaded part to accommodate the swarf. The spiral flutes are sold with slow or fast helix angles. The slow spirals are for non ferrous materials. The fast are sold as a standard and can be used for most other materials. The third of the types of tapping tools is the fluteless. The fluteless produces stronger thread but requires different tapping drill sizes and operating speeds. Boring tools are also available to purchase for companies. These boring operations that are on small workpieces can be done on a lathe. The larger workpieces are done on boring mills.

Many companies used to buy their tapping and boring tools from off shore manufacturing companies. Reshoring has become popular however and the U.S. manufacturing industry has had a resurgence in recent years. Reshoring is the return of jobs and manufacturing that were previously offshored. The change has come from high shipping costs, supply chain logistics, poor quality, and rising labor costs. It may be cheaper to buy machining tools from United States manufacturing companies now. Also, it allows you and your company to support manufacturing companies that are based in the United States.

So, if your company is in need of new tools it is important to find ones that are accurate, precise, and it is a plus if they were made here in the United States. With such importance placed on measurement and quality it is important to find a company who sells the best tapping and boring tools in the business. Find more on this here.

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  1. Yeah hopefully that will bring a bunch of jobs back over here and help the economy.

  2. Yeah hopefully that will bring a bunch of jobs back over here and help the economy.

  3. Yeah hopefully that will bring a bunch of jobs back over here and help the economy.

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