Need More Laughter and Cars in Your Life? Listen to Car Talk

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Every Sunday I listen to Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, hosts of the 25 year old automotive radio show known as Car Talk. It may not be the only car show radio program out there, but it most certainly is the best. Ray and Tom (their actual names) are not only incredibly brilliant in their car knowledge, but they are hilarious as well. And their auto radio show opens with blue grass. Where can you go wrong?!

The Car Talk radio show is an hour long program on NPR. During that fun filled time, the brothers take cold calls from people located all over the globe. The callers ask the brothers car related questions, and pose auto themed conundrums for the two to figure out. The best part is that the brothers have never heard the questions before, so they have not had time to prepare any answers. On top of that, they do not use computers during the show either. So as the questions come in, they come up with completely organic answers using their combined pool of knowledge.

This leads to the great majority of the hilarity found in the Car Talk radio show. Tom and Ray love to give each other, and every single caller, a hard time about one thing or another. It is all gentle ribbing in good fun, and no one goes away hurt, unless you count your cheeks from laughing so much.

Aside from answering questions, and usually giving out the right answer, they also have some very funny interludes. They will talk, tell jokes, read silly mail, and give a weekly puzzler than can be related to anything at all, not just automotive in nature.

In October of 2012 the gentlemen decided to hang up their radio show hats and retire. No need to weep however, as NPR still broadcasts old tapings of their shows at the regularly scheduled times. They mix together several shows, sometimes with each call having been recorded on a different show, and then play it in its normal format. You do not even notice the difference, so tune your radio to the Car Talk radio show the next time it is on. The only reason you will regret it is because you will now lose an hour every Sunday.

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  1. i love car talk. i had no idea that they retired, though. the show makes no mention of it with the recordings.

  2. i know! they did not even really announce the last show or anything. i looked it up to confirm because i did not believe it.

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