Limousine Service to and from Airports

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Many people see luxury limo service as something the wealthy, “well to do” individuals can afford, and many of the world’s most influential people have limousines as their preferred transportation. Cadillac One, the more official nickname of the Presidential limousine, is heavily armored and custom made. Also called “The Beast”, its doors are eight inches thick; the structure itself is made of titanium, ceramic, steel, and aluminum; and it looks like an enlarged Cadillac DTS limo. President Woodrow Wilson, the first president to join the American Automobile Association, ad received his favorite White House vehicle, a 1919 Pierce Arrow Series 51 limousine, from his friends. After his death, Wilson’s wife gave it to the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation.

Airport limousine services offer a range of limousines. There are a myriad of limousines to choose from, short or long, black or white, the types of amenities included, and more! Did you know that the longest limousine ever manufactured was 100 feet long? Made in California, it had 26 wheels and a hinged center to make it able to turn without severely disrupting traffic. As most people do not need such extravagant vehicles, airport limousine services limit some of their offerings. The Easton pa limousines available vary from service to service, and if you or your business are regular customers, some airport limousine services may offer a special rate for the guaranteed business that you provide.

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  1. Is the American Automobile Association the same organization that people call “Triple A”? I’ve never seen its name spelled out like that, but they are a great value and resource for your vehicle!

  2. Who would need a 100 foot long limousine?!? Is it still in use today?

  3. Who would need a 100 foot long limousine?!? Is it still in use today?

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