Is Rochester News Channel 13 Worth Watching? Of Course!

Rochester ny channel 13

The Rochester NY Channel 13 news authority is available to viewers online, and on the television. Also known as 13 WHAM, Rochester Channel 13 has been around since 1962, and is not just a great source for news, sports, and weather, but the station to get syndicated programming such as “How I Met Your Mother,” “Family Guy,” and my own personal favorite, “Big Bang Theory.” If you live in Rochester, you can choose to get your news online, or on the television.

  • Watch Channel 13 Rochester NY on the television.
  • If you tune in to Channel 13 Rochester news, you will find news updates primarily in the early morning hours, but also at noon and in the evening. Channel 13 is about more than just news, though. “Entertainment Tonight” and “omg! Insider,” are both Channel 13 exclusives that keep you connected to the latest entertainment and celebrity gossip. Reality television, news, comedies, and dramas are the staples of Channel 13 throughout the day.

  • Get Channel 13 online.
  • The website has the advantage of granting users access to blogs, contests, and of course the news, sports, weather, and traffic whenever it is convenient. When you choose to get your news online, you can hone in on the headlines and stories that matter to you. Additionally, you can get access to the social media you connect with most often, whether it is Facebook, or Twitter.

    The traffic cams and weather maps on the website are perfect for figuring out how local accidents and weather patterns might affect your evening or weekend plans. Also, all of your favorite sports news is available online whether it was covered on the television or not!

The Channel 13 Rochester NY news station is an ideal place to get news, sports, weather, and more, whether you are checking the website or the television. How do you like to get your Channel 13 News?

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