Imagine a World Without Furniture

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Have you ever been to the library of congress? Well, neither have I! But I do know that they have 147 million items on approximately 838 miles of bookshelves. That is a lot of furniture for one place, do you agree? Think about the amount of different uses that furniture possess, we eat on it, we sleep on it, and we use it to hold and display things, and although it wounds silly when you say it, but without furniture, we would never be able to get through with our daily lives.

New office equipment and other furniture were popular exhibits during the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. But you know who deserves a permanent exhibit displayed somewhere in every state until the end of time? He is a man named Charles Darwin, you should know who he is! But anyway, Darwin was one of the earliest innovators of furniture because he added wheels to his chair so that he could get to his specimens quicker while in his study. Can you say… GENIUS! Chairs with wheels on the bottom do not only make moving around easier, but I feel as if they make sitting a little more comfortable because they have a little give to them, but that is just my opinion.

Like everything else that has ever been created, someone has found a way to make it better. The office chair became a hit when it was popularized by Otto von Bismark during the time when he distributed them throughout parliament while he was in office. So do not think that thing your sitting on as you read this in anything new, well the chair itself might be newer, but the concept of sitting on something at work has been around long before our time.

The point here is that certain furniture has always held true to its original purposes, but has been modernized over time. Traditional furniture living room sets have changed, traditional bedroom sets have changed, kitchen sets, the dining room, etc. Your getting the point. Today, we enjoy the modern look of furniture but still expect it to be comfortable, which is not always the easiest concept for modern furniture designers to pull off. The furniture living room sets and modern bedroom sets today are aimed at the people that like the appearance of a plain, square, and sleek look. So you can see why that might be hard to make comfortable.

During the Gothic period, from the 1100s to 1500 A.D., furniture was made heavy and boring, but eventually led to an era of more style and decorative look, which derived from church design. It is almost like we have returned to original concept of furniture design nowadays too, but just with a hint of modernism , because furniture living room sets and bedroom sets have leaned more towards that big and plain kind of look, while respecting the expectations of something being comfortable.

Furniture design has also grown to respect the environment! Today, designers focus a lot of their time towards trying to make Go Green furniture in order to save money as well as recycle. This is more popular in commercial areas though as compared to interior home design. Okay, let us think here! Where would you be without furniture?

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  1. I dont think there was ever a time where there was no such thing as furniture…

  2. I dont think there was ever a time where there was no such thing as furniture…

  3. I dont think there was ever a time where there was no such thing as furniture…

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