Fun Facts and Great Tips for Teeth

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Fellow Virginians, I wanted to share some things about dentistry with you! This is a more discombobulated piece because I include a mix of fun facts, and healthy teeth tips. First off,let me say that going to a dentist VA should be a habit of yours. If it is not a habit to go to a dentist VA, then make it one. Having a healthy mouth is important because you only get one of everything in there (assuming you have lost all your baby teeth by now). Keeping all the little parts in there is also important because it greatly affects how people you just met judge you. Test that one out by going to a dance club and talking to someone when you have blackout tooth wax on a front tooth or even a canine. I bet they will need to “find their friends” as soon as you open your mouth.

We all know that some toothpastes out there can taste terrible, but you can feel better about that now because it could not have been as bad as the Ancient Egyptians toothpaste. Their toothpaste, invented around 3000 to 5000 B.C., was originally from the powder from ashes that they took off ox hooves, mixed with myrrh, egg shells, and pumice (lovely).

Now that we have the nastiest fact out of the way, things should be more pleasant. In China, they made the first toothbrush in 1498. The bristles were made out of boar bristles. Fastforward a few hundred years to 1892, when toothpaste was first manufactured in tubes. The reason you squeeze toothpaste out of a tube can be attributed to the toothpaste of Dr. Sheffield. This London doctor had a bit of serendipity when he was walking around and saw that Parisian artists used paints from tubes, and thus he applied the same idea to his toothpaste.

Now that we have medical science on our side, the world can benefit from healthier teeth. Going to a cosmetic dentist in fredericksburg va, a dentist in Montclair VA, or a Woodbridge VA dentist can greatly increase the chances of having awesome looking teeth. If you are afraid of a dentist VA, then be prepared for some dentures later in life. With family dentistry having advanced so far in the past few decades, the X Generation and later may never have a need for dentures, unless of course a tooth is knocked out by accident.

If you are looking for something to supplement what you are already doing to keep your teeth healthy, try eating some Gouda, Munster, or aged Cheddar cheese. These cheeses actually help prevent tooth decay.

Even though tooth enamel is the hardest surface of the body, it is most exposed to foreign objects other than skin, hair, and eyes. That is why people need to pay more attention to it than brushing twice a day and going to the dentists twice a year. Watching the food you eat is the best you can do to make sure everything is going great in the trapper snapper. High acidic content wears down tooth enamel, certain drinks and foods stain teeth fast. Especially coffee. I found that with brushing normally, my tooth color changes more yellowish when I have more than three cups of coffee a day, even for just doing this for a week!

So please, make sure to make an appointment with your dentist VA because a toothbrush and toothpaste is much cheaper than cosmetic dentistry work, dentures, and crowns. I hope this was helpful and interesting to my fellow bloggers, and the general internet population!

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