Five Quick Facts for a Dentist Review

A dentist is like a conductor, leading the grand symphony of your mouth to a rousing finale. He or she takes great pleasure in crafting your teeth into the most well-tuned, well-practiced instruments they can be. So when writing a dentist review, remember that a dentist has your big, beautiful smile in mind as he or she goes to work on them.

Of course, sometimes it hurts. But your dentist did it all because he or she loves you. Here are five quick facts to consider before you vent your toothy rage in a dentist review.

1. If the dentist bums you out with news of a cavity, fear not! Statistics show that by age 17, 78 percent of most Americans have had at least one cavity, which means you are in good company. And remember, before you blame the doctor in a dentist review, blame yourself for all the sweets!

2. When you go to review dentists in your area, remember that they hook you up with free dental products at the end of every visit. Americans spend a total of $2 billion on teeth-cleaning products like mouthwash, toothpaste and floss every year, but a quick trip to your dentist can save you money in the long run. Grab two of each on your way out and keep your dental office reviews friendly.

3. Not flossing can lead to missing 35 percent of tooth surfaces. When you review dentists, make sure you ask yourself how well you took care of your teeth before you made the visit. If you do not floss regularly, you miss cleaning your teeth of dangerous, infection-causing bacteria. Make it easy on your dentist and floss every day. Then you can give him or her a big thumbs-up in your dentist reviews.

4. Quit looking at those chompers in the mirror! When it comes to appearance, 83 percent of people fret over how their pearly whites will look more than their hair or eyes. Your dentist review should reflect the fact that your doctor is there to help you look your best, starting with your teeth.

5. Your teeth are like fingerprints. No two sets are exactly the same, even when it comes to identical twins! So take pride in your teeth, but remember that sometimes they might need some work. Your dentist review should highlight this fact and give your doc the praise he or she deserves.

When writing a dentist review, remember to play nice. Give that master conductor the rousing praise he or she deserves in turning your open mouth into a showstopping crescendo of oral hygiene. And always remember to keep it clean.

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