Continuing Education for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy continuing ed courses

Becoming a physical therapist is a difficult, but rewarding pursuit. Certification typically requires a doctoral degree and specialized education in a variety of sciences, including physics, human anatomy, and kinesiology. Though years of training are needed, many feel that the rewards outweigh the time commitment. The median annual wage of physical therapists is more than $76,000, and demand for physical therapy is increasing thanks to the aging of the active baby boomer generation.

Because physical therapy is a growing and constantly changing field, continuing education for physical therapy specialists is required in every state, though specific requirements vary. Online physical therapy continuing education courses are available, as are continuing education physical therapy courses offered in person at colleges and other institutions.

What Are My Options for Continuing Education for Physical Therapy?

Essentially, there are three course delivery options. Seminars are offered across the country and usually last for a day or two. Webinars are only an hour or two long and are live courses viewed online. Online courses are self study interactive courses or pre recorded webinars taken on your personal computer at your convenience.

What Exactly is a Webinar?

To take advantage of webinar based continuing education for physical therapy, a participant simply logs into the webinar at the pre appointed time to view and listen to the presentation. It’s a lot like watching live television on your computer. Sometimes they are lectures involving minimal participation, but they sometimes more closely resemble workshops, allowing participants to type questions and interact with the presenter and with each other.

On demand webinars are sometimes available through online courses and are pre recorded. Though you can listen to an on demand webinar at your own convenience, you won’t be able to interact with the presenter or other participants.

How Do I Know if a Course is Approved in My State?

Any continuing education for physical therapy course is usually labelled at registration in a way that indicates which states have approved it. Often, by submitting your course certificate, an author biography, and course objectives to your state board, you can still receive continuing education credits. It’s still a good idea to check with your state board before signing up for a course. Helpful research also found here:

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  1. I love online courses for CEU. I can do them at home without leaving my sofa, and they offer tests to help me check my knowledge.

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