Braces on a Budget

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When dental patients are in need of braces they are referred to orthodontist offices. There are different options in orthodontia, such as traditional metal braces, braces that go behind teeth, braces which are tooth colored, and clear or invisible braces. Prices for braces vary, and there are some low cost braces available.

Orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth was once considered to be strictly cosmetic, but that is no longer the case. Today, dentists as well as their patients know that orthodontic procedures can be a necessity. Orthodontia can prevent a lifetime of dental problems. Correctly aligning crooked teeth can avoid periodontal problems, severe wear on the teeth, and premature tooth loss.

Braces are often considered as being primarily for children, usually teenagers. However of all the orthodontic patients in the United States, 30 percent are adults. According to the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, an adult set of braces costs an average of 4,800 dollars. Adults who need braces are encouraged to check their dental coverage and to look around for local dental groups and other options in low cost braces.

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  1. We had to get braces for our son a few years ago, and even with dental insurance we still had to spend quite a bit of money out of our pockets. They were expensive, but my sons smile is well worth it.

  2. My mother has nearly perfect teeth, which I was blessed to be born with as well. We do get a lot of tartar and everyone in the family has had cavities but most of us did not wear braces.

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