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Find Accounting Jobs and Finance Positions to Suit You

Cost accounting jobs

Did you know that contrary to popular belief a job in accounting or another finance field can be exciting, as well lucrative. Accounting jobs and finance positions are a wonderful option for anyone who wants to help a company attain the best financial future. The word accountant actually has its roots in the French word, compter. Which brings us to jobs and finance that include controllers and comptrollers?

These are the people that organize the financial planning, debt financing and budget management for a company. These people set the financial rules, including which accounting methods are to be used. They also make sure that generally accepted accounting principles, GAAP, are being followed. These people and their


Continuing Education for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy continuing ed courses

Becoming a physical therapist is a difficult, but rewarding pursuit. Certification typically requires a doctoral degree and specialized education in a variety of sciences, including physics, human anatomy, and kinesiology. Though years of training are needed, many feel that the rewards outweigh the time commitment. The median annual wage of physical therapists is more than $76,000, and demand for physical therapy is increasing thanks to the aging of the active baby boomer generation.

Because physical therapy is a growing and constantly changing field, continuing education for physical therapy specialists is required in every state, though specific requirements vary. Continue Reading | 3 Comments


Top Five Reasons You Should Be Looking For a Home Key West

Key west fl real estate

Though the housing market in most of the country is not in the best place it has even been, Key West homes for sale are experiencing a boom for buyers. Here are a few reasons to get in on the action before the market turns in favor of the seller.

1. Key west real estate for sale is only about 100 miles from the coast of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico. This makes the best trips far closer than you can imagine.

2. One of the best reasons to contact a Key west realtor is to find a new home with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Key West is a huge resort and vacation destination, the relaxed be


Fore! Watch Out For an Improved Golf Swing

Delaware golf courses

Golf swing tips for beginners seems like a succinct topic, but the game of golf has so many nuances that it takes a lifetime to master. Worldwide there are about 50 to 60 million golfers that go out ritually trying to perfect their game. When looking for the right professional to help you, do not forget to enjoy the game.

Just in terms of golf grip tips and golf stance tips, each professional coach may give you different advice that moves you in the right direction. Your best education will come from identifying the best course pro for your situation. You cannot expect to turn a game around overnight, but getting golf tips for beginners from the right coach will h


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