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Gold a Girl’s Best Friend?

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Gold bangle bracelets can make an excellent gift. Surprising as it might sound, gold is much more precious and rare than many people realize. All of the gold that has ever been mined would only fill 60 tractor trailers. Another thing that might surprise most people is that most of the gold in the world is under the surface of the ocean but it is too expensive to extract.

That being said, people have valued gold since around 4000 BC. As early as 4000 BC, people were making gold work objects. And gold has also been used in ceremonies, decorating tombs of worship for centuries. Gold bangle bracelet designs are one way of harkening back to this tradition, just as the purchase and sell of engagement rings can do the same thing.

Of course, when it comes to purchasing engagement rings, typically people will


How to Treat the Gum Disease

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Treatment for gum disease is something that you might face at some point in your life. Around 50 percent of all Americans suffer from some sort of ailment in their gums and need treatment for gum disease. To treat gum disease, you first need to analyze the symptoms. The symptoms for gum disease can include discoloration and darkness in the gums.

It is lucky that adults suffer from gum disease more than children do, because children smile somewhere around 400 times per day. The technologies that we use for dentistry has changed quite a bit over the years and in many ways it has improved. Dental floss, which was made out of silk until after World War II, is made out of nylon today.

It is now possible to have tooth implants that ar


Tacoma Schools Warn about Potential Kidnappings? Four News Updates

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Did you know that the Seattle based company we see on every corner, Starbucks, has recently declared that guns are unwelcome in their business locations, although not banned? If you are looking for the latest local news, Channel 13, Channel 7, and Channel 5 News Seattle are all good options. These news stations have both on air live reports, as well as online options. Here are four top local updates for this week.

1. Boy Who Died in School Had a Heart Problem

Last week at Meadowville High School, Matthew Truax abruptly collapsed, and then died, while running on the school’s track during gym class. According to Channel 5 News Seattle, the medical examiner has determined that the boy had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a conditioning that makes it more difficult for the heart to pump out b


Online Dentist Reviews on Dentist Directories Can Provide Potential Potentials with a General Idea of What To Expect

It is quite common for people to experience anxiety to some degree often in their lives. Many different factors can cause people to have anxiety, some situations may bother some people while others are un phased by them. One situation that often makes many people anxious is having to go to the dentist. Some people dread going to the dentist because they do not like needles and are uncomfortable about having someone work with needles and other tools inside their mouth. Other people may dread going to the dentist because they fear what news they may receive about the health of their teeth. In some cases, people even have a legitimate phobia of dentists known as Odontophobia. Those who may be experiencing any level of anxiety or fear about going to the dentist can first visit an online dentist directory to read dentist reviews written by past patients.

Online dentist directories are commonly used by those who are looking for general information on dentist offices in their area such as l