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Don’t Ignore Penalty Abatement A Citizen’s Blog on Late Filing Penalties

Tax debt settlement

In our current economic status the IRS has become increasingly aggressive in its penalty efforts towards American citizens. Imposing tax levies are commonplace. Tax levies under federal law is an administrative action under statutory authority without going to court to seize property to satisfy a tax liability. Back taxes help and help with tax debt are key terms. Help with tax debt is essential for everyone. On the other hand IRS debt help as well as IRS debt relief along with IRS debt settlement does not seem to come in handy for everyone. IRS debt settlements are becoming common. There is no need for IRS tax settlement though. IRS tax settlement is painful.



Throw the Perfect Party, and Keep it Moving

St. louis party bus

It can be hard to come up with a unique party idea with so many options out there. Renting out dusty venues and getting a keg is no longer a viable option for many of us. However many party companies are taking notice of this and coming up with great options for the perfect party experience.

Party busses are taking over. With options like the STL party bus having modern and quality sound and light systems, they are perfect for your favorite songs while you celebrate.STL party busses have some of the most high tech sound systems in the city.
Great occasions for party busses are things like weddings, bachelor parties, winery trips, and even corporate events. These St. louis party bu


A New Campaign for Your Company

Business postcards

In France in 1870 the first printed picture postcard was created at Camp Conlie. About 23 years later the United States printed the first souvenir postcard. Using direct mail is becoming less and less frequent with the introduction of phone calls, emails, and text messages. It seems that the only mail you receive in your mailbox today are bills, and who wants to get those? Mail use to be exciting. Some of the most popular post cards from the 1920s on through the middle of the century featured risky images or colorful jokes. What happened to the mail service?

You may think the obvious answer is that technology advanced and the mail did not. This is simply not true. With technology and innovation direct mail has also been enhanced to run faster and better than it has in the past. With so many companies and