What You Need to Know About Hurricane Garage Doors – Rad Center

choosing hurricane garage doors to install on their homes. Security and security offered by hurricane garage doors have grown over the past few years. Keep reading to learn all you can on hurricane-proof garage doors.

These doors are also insulated steel doors. The brace supporting on these steel doors is stronger than normal garage doors and are able to withstand powerful winds and impacts.

You want the very best motor for your garage door that is hurricane-proof. A DC motor is more quiet and will heat less than the AC motor.

For most people, their garage door functions for the primary entrance to your home. You don’t want your garage door to prevent your entry when the power goes out. The battery backup system for hurricane garage doors allows it to work for as long as 30 cycles. If your power is out, even for a couple of days, there are 30 chances to shut and open the door to your garage.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!


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