What to Look for in a Dentist

Trying to find a dentist who suits you can be a very involved process. Flipping to “dentist offices” in the phonebook and picking the first one you find isn’t necessarily the best idea. You need to do research, which may take time. Knowing which factors to consider when looking at dentist reviews can be a little overwhelming, but we’re here to help you figure out what dentist information is important.


Dentist offices located closest to you should be the first on your list. Beyond that, however, there are some other considerations. Locations that are very easily accessible, for example in a shopping mall, might have higher fees because of their convenience.

Hours of Operation

Dentist offices have recently begun leaving behind the traditional 9-5 and are offering extended hours. Ask if the office has an emergency contact number for after hours treatment and if it offers weekend and holiday appointments.

Available Services

Try to find dentist offices that offer multiple patient services, like sedation dentistry, in-office whitening, children’s dentistry, and orthodontics. Even better, look for an office that shares space with other healthcare services.


It might seem overrated, but a calm, inviting atmosphere can help ease the stress and nervousness that some feel about the dentist. Ask to tour the dentist offices you are interested in to determine if they meet your qualifications.


Ask if the dentists and dental staff attend continuing education courses and seminars to continue the learning process. Dentist offices that take the time to go to those types of classes, over and above their certification requirements, are committed to having knowledgeable staff and can provide the best treatment options possible.


Talk with the administrators about their policies and procedures. Do they charge for missed appointments? Are appointments canceled without notice? Do they bill your insurance company directly or is that up to you?


Look for dentist offices that have courteous, compassionate, and friendly staff members who will make your time in the office enjoyable.


Consider the cost last. Although they can be expensive, it’s more important to have a quality dentist than to save a little money.

When perusing dental reviews, look for information about these factors, and do a little research on them by yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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