What to Know Before Getting Braces – Teeth Video

It is an issue that needs to be treated by the patients in the course of treatment. The video below will inform you what essential aspects braces must be.

First, you need be aware of how braces function. The orthodontist first needs to use xrays and moulds of the teeth to locate the positions of the brackets. Once that is done, the brackets will be affixed to the teeth. The brackets are sometimes attached by dentists in a single piece, while others make molds to join them.

Another important thing to know is that the treatment can vary according to the individual. Based on the severity of the problem and adjustments required, and it could be a year or two years.

Brush your teeth above, below, and on the wires and brackets so that you can clean the braces and your teeth. To get between wires and teeth, it is possible to use brushing with a proxy. Although flossing can be more challenging, it’s possible with the help of a flossing device.

More details are available in the video below.


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