What To Do if Your Pet Has a Medical Emergency – Dog Health Issues

are prone to medical emergencies from time to time just like people. They also have pet hospitals for these situations. This video will outline how to act in the event of an emergency with your pet.

Before you do anything, identify if there is an emergency brewing. Examine your pet to determine if it is acting strangely. Can it eat food, and consume water? Is it able to control the bowels and bladder? Does the animal have a problem with throwing up? Is there breathing and heart rate normal? It’s best to take your pet to the emergency veterinarian if your pet doesn’t respond to any of these questions.

In most cases, bleeding is involved, poisoning, inability or seizures, trauma, seizures breath, breathing difficulties, problems swallowing, swelling/hard abdomen, vomiting frequently, and not eating.

If you’re not certain which issue you’re dealing with be sure to pay attention to the dog’s health. There are times when it’s something simple that will get better overnight However, if the problem persists, it is important to take your dog to an emergency vet.

More information about emergency pet care and research studies on the hyperlink above.


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