Tips to Have a Cleaner House – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

lean, dry cloth for drying your countertops. You can also use counter-cleaners to create those sparkling surfaces.

Also, it is important to clean the refrigerator. Rent a dumpster to get rid of any leftovers or items you don’t need. Keep this in mind to reduce stinks and clutter from your refrigerator. Clean up spills as they occur is essential in ensuring that your fridge is neat and tidy.

Greasey films and splashes on the stovetops can be a major issue, especially when not cleaned promptly. The longer it takes you to wash off the splatters, the more likely they’ll become stuck. It is recommended to wash them right away in the event that your kitchen is a bit messed up. The stove tops will remain fresh, even on days you’re unable.

Small appliances , like toasters and blenders that are in use for a long period of time, can accumulate dust. Be sure to keep them in mind when you clean your dishes. It’s important to give them a thorough clean every once in a time by cleaning out the removable parts. It is possible to update your appliance every once in a while often. A used appliance store can provide quality for reasonable prices.

For a clean home, dust the kitchen cabinets without leaving the utensils stored inside. Clean the mats for the cabinet, then wipe them clean with mild detergent prior to storing the cooking utensils. The cabinets need to be swept at least every 3 weeks. Always remember to clean the utensils rack at least weekly to avoid scum accumulation.

An annual inspection of the kitchen drains will prevent plumbing problems and unpleasant odors. Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda inside the drain twice or once every month. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then wash it with hot water. This process eliminates clogs, which could have formed from dirtiest water following the cleaning of the dishes.

3. Take care of your bathroom and toilets.

Bathrooms and toilets can be extremely delicate. It is important to maintain them.


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