The Ultimate College Apartment Checklist – Maine’s Finest

It’s vital to keep all your essentials in your bag whether you’re going to college or moving to your home town. There is a chance that you will forget something, but having a list of things to do will prevent unnecessary stress. Before you just fill your cart up with everything that you’re sure you’ll need Let this video provide the basics of which items are necessary as well as what you can add on. Let’s get started!

We’ll start with the kitchenware. The best kitchen appliances made of silicone, including basic dishes and kitchen utensils. A quality collection of kitchen knives is essential. It is likely that you will require a cutting board or bowls as well as many mugs that are made to last. You will also need additional cup if you’re drinking coffee. The most important thing you will require is the heating pad that will ensure you are warm during the coldest nights and vacuum bags that are sealed. It’s a significant adjustment to moving into college residences. It is important to ensure you’re well-prepared!


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