The Real Value in Roof Replacement – Remodeling Magazine

There is no one who wants replacing their roof however, it is often mandatory after a roof is in place for a long time. Sometimes, the repair is feasible, however in some situations, a complete replacement of the roof will be required. Installing roofing shingles to repair it may work for a short period of time, if the issue is only in the form of a patch or two of roofing. As time passes the shingles wear out and need to be replaced.

The application of roof shingles is an extremely challenging job. It requires extensive knowledge as well as experience with roofing. If you can find a reliable roofing company in your area, applying asphalt shingles is something that they can do for the best result. The roofers are skilled in covering them to ensure they are watertight.

Architectural shingles are priced between $4-$7 per square feet. The more premium the shingles that you select, the more they will cost. They’ll also last longer if they’re better quality. This could save you cash in the long run. It is helpful to understand is available before you decide on.


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