The Process of Getting a Hair Transplant –

How is this process done? Check out this video to understand the process and find out more about every process.

An experienced and certified surgeon will perform the hair transplant. The procedure is usually preceded by a local anaesthetic before the procedure begins in order to make sure that you don’t experience pain while the surgery is performed. The two most common procedures for hair transplantation include Follicular unit excision (FUE) and follicular units transplantation (FUT).

The procedure of hair transplantation is the removal of tiny grafts of punch (or a large portion) from the scalp hair bearing area. The next step is to cut off small sections to be used as hair grafts. They are later transferred to a thin or bald region of the hair.

The hair transplant procedure can take four hours or more. Stitches that cannot dissolve will have to be removed days after. Patients are free to relax at home and easily heal. Following the procedure, you’ll receive specific instructions on how to take care of yourself. 7nuqxnjqh2.

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