The Help Desk, Revamped

Web based help desk

Rarely are we given a new piece of software, or equipment, or anything, really, without any sort of lifeline to cling to if getting up to speed proves to be to harrowing an ordeal. This can come in the form of instruction as with an in store purchase, a manual or PDF file for at home browsing and discovery, or, in the case of many pieces of software or online programs, a web based help desk, which can provide either commonly asked questions and their answers, links to helpful references, or live support in the form of chats, phone calls, and even video connections.

The origin of the term “help desk” is no mystery at all. In some businesses, a specific desk was set aside and manned by a knowledgeable employee whose only job was to help customers who needed it. Libraries had help desks, as did retail stores and grocery stores. Anywhere that a large selection might have provided shoppers or patrons with any sort of difficulty. These desks still exist today, though many are now called “info desks”.

As technology and the Internet transformed every available corner of our lives, the method by which we asked for and received help and guidance underwent a transformation as well. Users could use the very technology they were trying to understand and a means to contact the people who could best help them understand it. Web based help desk tools became standard fare with many programs and software, and online, real time chatting with customer service representatives and experts began to give phone calls a run for their money.

In fact, the communication technology involved is sufficient that call centers around the world can deliver customer support for any other point in the globe, allowing the web based help desk industry to maintain a global presence and offer clients 24 hour service. Web based help desk jobs are big business in call centers in many nations, at all different latitudes and longitudes, ensuring continuous support for questions about products, regardless of the time of day in any particular time zone.

Web help desk technology is helping to keep the world of commerce running smoothly. Less time spent waiting for an answer to a software problem means more productivity, more confidence in the software and programs, and peace of mind that, no matter what happens, help is just a few mouse clicks away.

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