Smokers Can save Tons of Money Each Year by Switching to Electronic Cigarette Devices

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By now, you’ve probably heard about electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs for short. In the past few years, the use of electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular. Whether someone is looking for a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, is trying to quit smoking, or just enjoys the occasional electronic cigarette use, the method of smoking vapor through the electronic devices has led to a revolution of sorts to smoking enthusiasts. Electronic cigarettes were first placed on the market in 2007, and usually has the appearance of a regular cigarette, without causing the smoker as many health risks as traditional cigarettes do. Electronic cigarettes do not use an ember or flame. Instead, they are powered by battery, and are typically charged by using a USB port or regular wall plug in.

The increase of popularity within the electronic cigarette market has provided a wide variety of electronic smoking devices, different flavored vape juice, and high end mods for consumers to chose from. An e-cig mod is a modification to the battery of the device. This battery modification allows for the e-cig to function the way it normally would, using the all of the original parts of the device, except for the battery. The original battery is replaced with the larger, modified battery to increase the duration of battery life, allowing the smoker to smoke for a longer duration with limited charges. The modification also provides more voltage to the electronic cigarette, allowing the smoker to get stronger “pull” of smoke.

Incredibly, the average smoker spends over 2,000 dollars each year on traditional cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, the annual cost to maintain the habit is significantly less. Assuming the user purchases a high quality device, and uses high end mods, the consumer will only need to purchase new vape juice as needed, allowing the annual cost of maintaining electronic cigarettes to be less than a couple hundred dollars each year, depending on how often the device is used.

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