Septic System Service for Homeowners – Awkward Family Photos

are provided by an septic system contractor or you. The following video will outline the basic principles of managing your septic system.

In order to access the septic tank, first remove the cap. The lid resembles it’s a lid for a sewer and you can use the crowbar, wedge and even a wood block to lift it up. It’s not a pretty sight the moment you remove it however, you’ll be able look inside for a few items you must learn about.

One you’ll see how high the fluid in the septic tank is. If it’s getting close to its top, you will want to flush the tank soon. Don’t open the lid if it is smelling bad. You should wait until your tank fills up or is backed into your home.

You’ll also want to inspect the filter and make changes to clean it if it’s getting filthy. The filter is important to remove the effluent sent to the leech field adjacent to the property. The water supply could be polluted drinking water source to your well due to not having a functioning filter.

Utilize gloves and a hose for removing the filter, then clean the filter. It is also possible to replace it. To learn more, check out the video below.


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