Scam Centers Get Pranked Big Time – Entertainment News Today

Scammers pose as tech support. Other scammers pretend to be the friend or a family member who requires help. Many younger people are well-aware of these frauds. The scams target older adults who are most susceptible to being sucked into them. These crimes have been committed by a variety of professional scammers. But this will soon change. You will need to provide bail bonding solutions that are reliable and affordable. This video will help explain why.

Mark Rober, a YouTuber has set out to find justice for porch pirates who stole their boxes. Three different versions of his package are available. This package pranks robbers by throwing glitter over them. Also, it plays a voice message that appears to send police on their way. It also shoots out foul spray. This creates a humorous kind of punishment for porch pirates. But, in this video this joker takes it up a notch when pranking the fraudsters.


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