Safety Ratings Need a Major Update – Maine’s Finest

While safety measures have been introduced, however our safety test results are identical over time. In this short video we will explain why it could be a dangerous thing. If you’ve had a minor auto accident recently and you have your car repaired, make sure to take it to a reputable automotive repair specialist.

Tests for crash have been conducted using a regular dummy many years. Nowadays, businesses are beginning to use virtual crash test simulations to ensure more precise as well as less expensive tests. However, for many years there hasn’t been any the same. Additionally, these tests might not be as exact than you imagine. The standard in the industry is always to test the typical American adult male and the results of their dummies to diverse crash. There’s no dummy available that could be used to depict females. Humans come in a variety of dimensions and shapes. Even though a pre-designed dummy could be used to draw contrasts between vehicles, it’s not very effective. If you are not an adult male that has an average weight and height, your body isn’t properly being represented.


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