Questions to Ask Your Foundation and Basement Contractors – Family Game Night

Foundation, basement
Are they bonded?

Prior to hiring foundation and basement contractors It is important to check sure they’re bonded and insured. If there’s an issue with the home or property it is important to bond the homeowners. Contractors are protected from any losses if they suffer accidents while doing their job, for example, a flood or fire. These standards are required by laws in a number of states (and even in some cities).

If you’re not able to see these documents on the application form, ask them for the documents! You can’t go wrong asking and if you’re unsure which terms are used then ask us. Also, make sure that the insurance policies included together with the contract offer enough coverage options so that there won’t be any delays in repairs down the road.

How do you approach Project Planning and Communication?

It is important to choose the right contractor. Choose one with an organized and clear approach to project planning as well as communication. The contractor will make sure the project is running on time and keep the client informed.

Parting Thoughts

It’s essential to obtain the right answers in your search for foundation or basement contractors. The answers to these questions can help ensure that the project gets the care and attention it deserves. It is equally a good option to seek permission from your property manager before making any major renovations or repairs to the property, which includes works on the foundation, or basement. This is particularly true when you rent the house or if you are making changes to a shared house like a condo or townhouse. There are legal issues and possibly a legal battle with your landlord or property manager should you not follow through. Also, you can consider the possibility of hiring a trash removal service as you could be in trouble with the property manager or landlord.


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