Poor Sleep Quality Can Lead to Disastrous Results

Beds adjustable

Did you know that according to the National Sleep Foundation, the leading medical issues that inhibit a person’s sleep quality are back and neck pain, TMJ and headaches? While taking short naps no longer than 10 or 20 minutes to remain well rested throughout the day can help deal with a poor night’s sleep, they’re by no means a proper solution.

What’s really needed are beds adjustable for sleep comfort–beds adjustable to support the head, neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, hips, thighs legs and feet. These adjustable mattresses are great possible ways to get a good night sleep. Even a slight incline from beds adjustable for easier sleeping can prevent people from curling up or bending legs to unwanted pain.

If you suffer from pain that prevents a full night’s sleep, then you definitely need to consider getting beds adjustable to help because of the detrimental effects poor sleep can have on your health. According to WebMD, the possible side effects of not getting enough sleep, or sleeping unwell include: stress on relationships, decreased performance and alertness, memory and cognitive impairment, poor quality of life, occupational injury potential, and the possibility of getting into an automobile accident.

As mentioned before, beds adjustable for comfort can help alleviate the pain to result in a better night’s sleep, but how? Individuals suffering from certain types of back problems can use beds adjustable to a slight incline to increase their comfort by positioning their upper body higher than their lower body, like sitting in a recliner. This combination of inclines can help to take some of the stress off the lower back.

No doubt, people that suffer from back pain, especially long-term back pain, are generally less healthy than those who don’t. Not only because of the pain, but also because they’re not getting enough sleep. So why not possibly sleep better at night? Yet, beds adjustable for comfort can possibly offer a solution. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. See more.

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