Nuclear Disaster Cleanup 10 Years Later – Maine’s Finest

This video shows what disaster relief workers are doing.

About 54 nuclear reactors have been closed due to issues with safety. Although the government has relocated hundreds of thousands of residents to safer areas there are still fears of radiation.

The University of Tokyo claims to have learned some lessons from Fukushima. Daiichi experts share their knowledge of resilient engineering as well as disasters for students.

Kashiwazaki Karaiwa is the most commercial nuclear power station around the globe and is receiving more than $2.5 billion in funding from TEPCO to increase its safety.

Naraha was the first place to take down its evacuation order from 2015. Engineers have now a place where they are developing and testing robotics for nuclear decontamination.

When compared to Chernobyl which released 10 times more radiation. There have been no substantial rises for cancer-related cases or related diseases caused by radiation. Although the clean-up continues, researchers say that there’s a risk of long-term exposure. rm8zx6mt1j.

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