Keep the Water Clean and Cool Without Wasting It

Filtered water coolers

The average person uses anywhere between 80 and 100 gallons of water per day. Water has many health benefits and one of these seems to be that, when a decrease in water intake takes place it can cause fat deposits to increase while increasing the water ingested can reduce fat deposits. Close to half of all bottled water sold in 2009 came from municipal tap water supplies. Nearly all bottled water producers start with municipal water that is filtered and then bottled, no matter the size of the container. Early water coolers encompassed large blocks of ice to cool the water but were very heavy and high maintenance. These are great points to make when exploring bottleless water dispensers.

Bottleless water coolers are convenient and efficient as well. The amount of water a person drinks a day can be multiplied to account for all the water wasted by the average human. Bottleless water dispensers help reduce that waste water because it is a point of use water cooler, meaning that the water only comes out of the filtered water coolers when an individual needs water from the device. the other advantage to using a bottleless water dispenser would be that it reduces the amount of plastic bottles that are floating around in the environment, leading to pollution and contaminants in the environment. Be sure to talk with a professional in the bottleless water dispenser industry to get a better understanding of how your situation can benefit from having one of these easily accessible appliances around for everyone to enjoy.

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