I Got Hit By a Car While Walking. What Do I Do Now? – What To Do After Being Hit By a Car

Accidents involving motor vehicles claimed lives of. What can you do if you’re the pedestrian involved when you’re involved in an accident in the roadway? In this post we’ll provide you with four suggestions to consider if you or someone else you know was hit with a vehicle as they walked.
1. Your Health and Safety First

Deaths may result from accident collisions between pedestrians. If you’re injured as a result of the collision of one of the vehicles and you are injured, it is essential to take immediate medical care. Others on the road will probably be the first to respond. The best thing to do is accept their help. If you choose to pursue legal action, resisting medical attention can lead to worsening of your health.

Broken bones and bruises appear obvious, there could have other causes, such as internal trauma or bleeding. Therefore, go to an emergency room or medical care facility before doing anything else. Four of them are vital things you can do should you get hit by a vehicle while you’re walking.

Call 911

Although passers-by might have the right intentions and have some experience on first aid but you require professionals. If you’re in a position to call 911, make sure you inform them immediately that you’ve sustained injuries. Request a friend or driver of your car to contact 911 in case you’re feeling unwell. They’re sober and will provide precise directions to the medical personnel and police officers for them to come right away. Medical and police personnel have years of years of experience and know-how when dealing with similar situations. So, their approach will be more effective, professional and beneficial.

In order to avoid further injuries You should get off the scene as soon as you are able.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to leave the scene and pretend as though nothing ever happened. This means putting your safety and your health prior to disputes and the gathering of evidence. Certain pedestrians engage in verbal exchanges with the driver either accusing them or apologizing and clarifying their part in the accident. It’s still a shock


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