How to Fix That Single Dented Garage Door Panel – Awkward Family Photos

age door repair companies. Denting could be an issue with sheet garage doors or those that have metallic exteriors. It is possible that you do not notice that you have a scratch due to cars or trees. Though you do not necessarily need repair the dent right away so that your garage door can open and close but it’s important to ensure that it is a top repair priority prior to causing more issues with your garage door system. This video will teach you the steps to fix the damage to your garage door without the need to contact professionals.

First of all, it is necessary be careful about the measurements you take of the garage door. Study the door’s material and how long it will take to construct your support. This YouTuber incorporates simple wood into the garage door repair by using two boards for supporting beams when the door is moved. The boards are secured by Gorilla or duct tape and remain there for years.


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