How the Cooling Tower Refurbishment Process Works – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

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An organization like that which is featured in this video needs to undertake a survey on the site so that they are aware of what they’re dealing with and what tools they’ll need to bring for the renovation of the cooling tower. Also, all employees who works on cooling towers must wear the appropriate protective equipment like dust masks, safety glasses or gloves as well as hard hats.

After that when the work is done, the employee should go back to the water-treatment controller and unplug the valve for bleed, and then they’ll be able to return towards the building. The workers will need to after that, add the chemicals, one at a at a time into the tower basin. It’s crucial not to keep the chemicals in the base of the tank. It is essential that they circulate for about an hour, so that they are fully mixed before the work can begin. Make sure to secure the water access point to ensure no leakage of processed water and the chemicals. Following that, the control of the tower should be shut down.

Check out the remainder of the video for more details about cooling tower refurbishment.


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