How FTTH Works – How Old Is the Internet

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Fiber to the home or FTTH, refers to the procedure of transmitting signals from a place that originates, also referred to as a head-in, or a hub, to the subscriber. This kind of communication does not necessitate the customer to possess or have any devices. Thus, the cost of operation is lower, and it works better over longer distances, as well as having more users.

The most appealing aspect of FTTH is its speed as well as the ability to operate larger fiber plants. FTTH is a great option for many reasons. The current speed is 10 Gbps however newer technologies will be able to run at 40Gbps. Fiber-to-the-home allows you to be adaptable to various systems, keeping current and at technological advancement. The drivers for FTTH are bandwidths and operating costs, which can save the amount of work.

Do you think of switching to FTTH? For more information about FTTH and why that it’s better, take a look at the remainder of this video.


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