How Do Water Cooling Towers Work?

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Many industries use cooling towers, including water cooling towers, to transfer waste heat back into the atmosphere. The early history of cooling towers showed that these towers were placed either on the rooftops of buildings or were free standing structures. These towers were supplied air through the use of fans, or relying on the surrounding natural airflow. By the turn of the 20th center, there were many evaporative methods of recycling cooling water for water cooling towers that did not have a suitable water supply.

Fluid coolers and closed circuit cooling towers are considered hybrids. These water cooling towers or fluid coolers pass fluid through a tube bundle, after which clean water is sprayed and a fan induced draft is applied. The resulting performance of heat transfer is much closer to that of water cooling towers, and provides the advantages of a dry cooler of protecting the working fluid from environmental contamination and exposure.

Common industries that use cooling towers, including water cooling towers include refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, thermal power stations, and HVAC systems to help keep buildings cool.

This last use for water cooling towers is probably the most popular among business owners. Many companies are looking for was to provide a comfortable environment for their employees. Water cooling towers attached to the HVAC system can provide a safe and efficient way to keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you are interested in more information about cooling towers or industrial cooling towers, you can find many manufacturers of cooling towers. These professionals can do a site inspection of your facilities to help determine what type of water cooling towers may be most suitable for your needs.

These technicians from cooling tower suppliers can go over the specifics of your industry and determine whether water cooling towers or a closed circuit cooling tower will work best in your environment. They can also go over the cost of installation, as well as overall maintenance of these water cooling towers. You can also go over any warranty information that can prove to be helpful for the life of your cooling towers.
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