Help Fight Turbidity With the Right Spill Response Equipment

Sediment curtain

The Ancient Egyptians relied on silt deposits in their fertile soil to sustain an agricultural lifestyle. In many ways, this silt, brought in by floods from the Nile River, helped to foster the birth of civilization itself. Today, however, we are dealing with a problem that is a bit more complicated.

Turbidity, or the appearance of solid particles in a body of water, can become a large issue in areas where the drinking water source becomes polluted. Picture what happens to the air when smoke fills it up. This is what happens to water when silt and other suspended solids cloud it up. Not good, not good at all.

What are the concerns with turbidity?

Part of the reason why this cloudy water problem becomes so serious is how it can affect the drinking water source. Usually, a higher turbidity level means a higher risk for gastrointestinal diseases in those who consume the water. In addition, high concentrations of this particulate matter can prevent ultraviolet sterilization of water.

Where does turbidity happen?

Construction activity tends to up the chance of turbidity in urban water source areas. Erosion also plays a big part in rural areas, and areas that have higher bank erosion rates also tend to have higher turbidity levels. It takes a diligent, watchful eye to be able to combat turbidity, but some of the best spill response equipment tools you have at your disposal are what are known as turbidity curtains.

How do turbidity curtains work?

Separation is the key word here. These curtains, also called turbidity barriers, stop the migration of sediment in a work site to the larger water source close to it. Much like oil spill response equipment prevents the oil from reaching the larger bodies of water around it, these turbidity barriers also stand on the front lines to ensure protection and separation.

These turbidity curtains are manufactured for all types of water terrain, too. Calm water, medium water or rough water are all covered here. When it comes to the top containment and spill response equipment, get more information to see how floating turbidity barriers can help. More can be found here:

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