Don’t Let Your Employer Get Away With Firing You

Wrongful dismissal law

Car accidents can be the most damaging collision anyone can be in, and about 6 million of them happen each year in the U.S. In many cases, these accidents happen because of texting or talking on the phone, and also driving under the influence of alcohol. Both of these will earn you a heavy fine, with the average DUI charge costing about $10,000 in insurance, bail money, and other fees. In addition to car accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses are another significant problem. You can only file a personal injury lawsuit if you were injuring in a dangerous situation at work. Unless you are exposed to harsh radiation or harmful chemical unnecessarily, you will not be able to claim injury or illness. And about 5 percent all injuries were caused by work related illness in 2012.

To take care of the legal proceedings, many people hire personal injury lawyers for these cases. They understand auto accident injury claims, and many of them are well versed in employment law as well. You might also want to consult an employment lawyer if you feel that you have been fired unfairly based on your injury. No medical complication, illness, or health situation is grounds for wrongful dismissal from a job. If you are a woman, you might wonder, what are my rights as a pregnant employee? They are similar to anyone who has been injured on the job, with the addition of maternity leave. Many employers offer what is considered a reasonable leave, which is usually six to eight weeks, after which you are entitled to the same position you held prior to your child’s delivery. The number of day for maternity depends on the employer, and also the country to live in. A woman in Canada or Europe asking what are my rights as a pregnant employee, would get a different answer. In Europe and Canada, maternity leave can be up to two years, and you are often offered the same position, or another similar job. In either day, if this does not happen, an employer may be sued for wrongful termination.

Hiring a lawyer to handle your case will be the best way to fight for compensation in any of these situations. They will be able to investigate and utilize their findings to help your case. Do not let drunk drivers and unfair employers get away with what they have done.
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