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A good trade to learn without a degree ures. Here are some most lucrative on-demand trades that you can consider.
1. Electrician

If you’re always tinkering in electrical gadgets disassembling them and putting them back, do you really believe you’ve got the ability to do electrical work, consider pursuing careers as electrician. This is a great trade to learn without a education!

From manufacturing, construction to healthcare, you could be employed in many businesses and industries as an electrician for commercial use. Before you can become an electrician, there are some essential things you need to know. The electrician’s apprenticeship is your initial step. The typical timeframe is about four years and is comprised of on-the-job classes and training.

After you have completed the apprenticeship, you’ll need to pass the journeyman electrician exam to get your license. Being an electrician allows you to use your strengths as well as skills. It’s an exciting profession that provides a good wage and work security. You can also be employed in a variety of areas and industries. If you’re in search of an easy trade that can be learned and taught without needing the required degree in electrical engineering, then this is your best option.

2. Roofer

A trade like roofing can be a rewarding one to learn without a degree. It’s an excellent career choice one who loves to be hands-on. Although it’s physically demanding, it can also be very rewarding. Commercial roofing provides many chances to progress. It is not necessary to earn an academic degree to get started. You could earn an income. Roofers can earn anywhere from $30k to $50k per year.

A four-year apprenticeship is the first step in becoming a roofing contractor. During your apprenticeship you’ll be taught the fundamentals of roofing. Additionally, you will learn to work safely on roofing. After completing your apprenticeship then you’ll be able to take the journeyman’s exam. You can either start your own roofing business or join one already established when you’re a certified journeyman roofing contractor.

3. Asphalt Contractor

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