Choose A Philadelphia Tax Lawyer To Help You Fight Tax Penalties

Philadelphia tax lawyer

Tax laws exist across the country, and as citizens, we are responsible to adhere to them. For example, the state of Alabama enforces a ten cent tax on decks of playing cards. While this type of tax may seem obscure, there are a number of taxes that every American citizen is familiar with, and one of them includes annual income taxes. Each year, Americans are expected to report income to the Internal Revenue Service in order to ensure sufficient taxes are paid. This process usually results in federal and or state tax returns, but for some individuals, it may also result in tax problems. Many tax problems can come with significant repercussions, so individuals who may have IRS issues may want to find a Philadelphia tax attorney to assist them. A tax attorney Philadelphia can offer individuals a variety of options for tax concerns, and in many cases, a tax lawyer Philadelphia may help to remove penalties. Why should you seek out a Philadelphia tax lawyer?

The Internal Revenue Service can enforce a number of penalties for individuals who are in tax debt. One of these penalties that a Philadelphia tax lawyer may be able to assist with includes a federal wage garnishment. In this case, the Internal Revenue Service can demand that a portion of the wages of an individual who owes a tax debt be sent directly to the IRS. However, the IRS generally gives individuals time to work out payment plans before this occurs. A Philadelphia tax lawyer may be able to help you understand these options before your wages are garnished. In addition, attempting to get rid of the wage garnishment by firing an employee may be considered a criminal offense. In this case, federal law provides for fines of up to one thousand dollars or imprisonment for employers who may fire employees to get out of a wage garnishment. However, when it comes to tax debt penalties, the most feared weapon the IRS can use is the tax levy. Many individuals seek out a Philadelphia tax lawyer to cease this action, before business or home residences are taken. However, in order to take a principal residence, the IRS must appear in court and seek the permission of a federal magistrate. This kind of situation is one that can benefit greatly from a Philadelphia tax lawyer who can represent you during court appearances.
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