Can a Website Reseller Help Your Organization Reach its Ultimate Potential?

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Did you know that according to current statistical analysis, 70 percent of the links upon which web users click are organically arrived at? As well, about 75 percent of individuals performing searches online arrive at their desired search results on the very first page of SERPs, and thus do not scroll beyond that initial page. These are well known facts amongst internet marketing companies that resell web design. Search marketing is a significant element of successful SEO strategies nowadays, and ever more so amongst firms that resell web design to companies that need to increase their online marketing results.

The fact of the matter is that nearly 40 out of 100 online customers arrive at their web destinations as a result of search engines, as reported by online retailers and service providers. This is a significant percentage. As well, according the Forrester Research, online sales are expected to grow from about 7 percent of current retail sales to nearly 9 percent of retail sales by 2016, and that percentage should, as reported by business forecasters, continue to increase every year.

The search engine industry accounts for about about $16 billion. This is why so many online businesses and service providers are working with companies that resell web design. Companies that resell web design typically employ top designers who are fluent in a number of web based languages including Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. This level of fluency allows these designers to create seamless websites that are navigable across multiple platforms and screens.

Hiring the best companies that resell web design enables businesses to positively impact their search engine rankings. Search engine rankings are all important these days. Without high Google rankings, it can be nearly impossible for a company to expand their online sales. Working with high quality firms that resell web design can propel your organization towards its ultimate online potential.

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