Air Compressors and How They Function – Mac OS X Power Tools


The compressor’s motor electric will compress air inside the tank. It is then able to be released at various pressures if needed. This is the standard procedure and there are many kinds of compressors, each with various functions. Most commonly positive displacement compressors can be utilized in auto body shop work and will be the primary focus of this instructional video.

An reciprocating compressor one of two types of positive displacement compressors. It functions by having the crankshaft spin, which forces the piston to reflect the movement inside the housing. This allows atmospheric air to enter the housing. The discharge valve opens once it is at a high pressure. A less efficient compression cycle as well as the danger of an explosion is common as the temperature in the air gets too high which is why, in certain instances an alternative type of compressor may be required.

Multi-step compressors have a secondary phase that cools the air, reducing the risk of overheating. It is often used with a tank the compressor is likely to make use of less energy. Apart from the multi-step compressor and other kinds of air compressors including diaphragm or the rotary compressor.


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