A Moving Checklist to Keep You Organized, Efficient, and Stress Free!

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Moving check lists are an important part of the moving process. They help you stay organized, and efficient. Most importantly, they also mitigate some of the stress that moving inevitably entails. But what goes into moving check lists? What items are most important to remember and how do you even go about making moving check lists?

For your convenience, here’s an easy to handle moving out checklist!

Eight weeks before moving.

First up on all moving check lists around is to sort your possessions. Think of it like Spring cleaning. Homes tend to accumulate a lot of junk that we, as nostalgic human beings, can’t seem to part with. However, you can’t take everything with you, and getting rid of that junk will make the move a whole lot easier. Go through your home and purge what you don’t want.

Secondly, this is the time to start comparing movers. Do your research on various companies. Collect word of mouth references. Get quotes.

Thirdly, create a “moving file” to keep track of all receipts, estimates, and other essential items.

Six weeks before moving.

This part of the moving check lists is dedicated to logistics. You’re going to want to order your packing supplies (or start collecting them, as many people can get away without having to spend a dime ordering moving supplies). You’re also going to want to go to your new home and check the door frames to see how large pieces of furniture will be able to fit in.

Four weeks before moving.

This is a big stage for all moving check lists. At this point, you’re going to have to do several things. Confirm you moving arrangements. Begin the packing process by sorting out the valuables to keep separate, color coding and labeling boxes and keeping an inventory. Notify important parties about your change of address, such as doctors’ offices and banks. Schedule the utility turn off for your old home, and the turn on for your new one.

Two weeks before moving.

At this point you’re going to want to make sure some of the finer details are in order. Reconfirm your arrangements with the movers. Make sure you have your moving day off from work. Tune up your car before the move, because there’s nothing worse than breaking down on moving day.

One week before moving.

Refill your prescriptions. Clean out your refrigerator. Pack your suitcases with valuables.

The day before moving.

By this point, you should be shipshape. All you need to do is verify that the movers have come and picked everything up and keep the inventory handy.

If you have any questions about moving check lists, or have any items to add, feel free to share in the comments! See more: mymovingchecklist.net

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