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3. Set Maintenance Frequency

Determining maintenance frequency is not an exact science. Further, a building has so many different features it is impossible to use the same approach. Make sure to seek out skilled professionals for the areas you’re unsure about.

It is possible to consult the user manual of electric or mechanical appliance, like commercial heaters for water. Others features that are long-term like asphalt roofing, come with longer maintenance intervals like each year or every 3 years. It is also possible to refer to the past data. You could also refer to data from the past.

At the very least, an maintenance program does not have to be preemptive. It is possible to observe the frequency with which the feature needs to be maintained and make a draft. How long does it take for your lawn to get to undesirable levels?

4. Software systems can assist with the organization of maintenance tasks.

Automating processes is essential for any business. Analytics Insights predicts that 80 percent of businesses will implement an intelligent system of automation into their procedures by 2025. Automation could help establish a maintenance schedule for commercial properties.

The creation of work orders can be part of a regular maintenance program. You could say “Inspect And Lubricate HVAC pumps annually.” Maintenance software could be utilized to make work orders to perform routine maintenance scheduled at specific times. It is also possible to include standard operating procedures to ensure that maintenance is performed at the same time.

Your maintenance plan for your building that is automated should comprise details about the staff and times. Certain models let you make reminders or comments on the condition of the assets. Automating will make it much easier for you to see which parts require attention and to make changes.

5. A plan to conduct an Energy Audit

20 percent of all commercial buildings in the USA are commercial.


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