Need Someplace to Store Your Stuff? Try Pods

Long distance movers

Long distance movers, do you need a storage solution? Are you having trouble fitting everything you own into that one truck for the trek across country? The lease is up today? Sounds to me like you might be in a tight spot. I can think of a few different solutions.

You can donate everything that just will not fit in the truck. Sure, it will make you feel better about yourself giving to charity like that. Also, it will help you to de clutter your life. Or, if you do not like the philanthropic route, just throw it all out. Leave it on the curb. Although, I do not really suggest that route. It is very wasteful. You could just leave it all sitting in the apartment, make your landlord deal with it. That is definitely an option, but if it is mostly stuff that your land lord will not be happy to have, there is a good chance that you are not getting your security deposit back.

So what about a temporary storage device of some sort? In moving terms they are referred to as pods. These handy guys are shipped empty to the site of the stuff, where you pack them full and close them up. Once full you have a few options. You can just leave it there, sitting patiently until you find the time and space to come pick up your stuff. The company then comes and picks the empty pod back up when you are done with it.

After you have filled it up with your extra possessions, you can have it trucked somewhere else where you will be storing it. Maybe mom’s house has a big backyard where she is letting you keep it until you can get back with another moving truck to pick it all back up, and then the moving company comes back to mom’s house to pick up the empty pod.

The last option, albeit the most expensive but the easiest, is to pack it chock full of your stuff, and then to have the moving company ship it across country so that it is waiting for you when you get there. As you pull your moving truck over the crest of the hill where your new house looms expectantly, there, in the corner of the driveway, is your pod, wagging its proverbial tail happily, as it is so glad to see you. From there you unload it, and then call the moving company, who then comes to pick it back up. Like any other aspect of the moving company, the pod can usually be picked up from anywhere. This is because the company is located all over the country, and any one of their locations can come nab the pod to be used wherever they are.