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Owning your urban experience with your first apartment rental

Advantages of city life

Taking the next step and moving from the old family home for good is a momentous achievement for anyone. Momentous and often confusing, that is. There are many options available to young people looking for a new place to live and spread their wings. However, the option that remains head-and-shoulders above the rest is apartment renting for urban living. That is true even in Norfolk, VA.

Haven’t you always wanted one of those murphy beds that fold out from the wall – maybe not for yourself, but at least for the living room – well there is no better reason to get one than to save space. But seeking downtown apartments for rent is not actually about the bed. Looking for an apartment rental means that you are that much closer to laying claim to your own space, and figuring out how best to do so is a grea


Why Small Businesses Need Accounting

How to do your taxes

Accounting is undoubtedly, by far one of the most important aspects of both starting and operating a business. Especially in terms of accounting for small businesses, the importance cannot be understated. Small business account services can help budget and even help businesses with small business tax write offs.

Double entry bookkeeping first emerged in northern Italy in the 1300s, where trading ventures began to require more many than a single person was able to invest. Many years later, tehre are many accounting consulting firms that help businesses with their finances in a similar manner.

Interestingly, celebrities like Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Bob Newhart and John Grisham all studied or practiced accounting before moving on to their high profile celebrity careers. Regardless, people who did bec